Headshot Info

Unlike most photographers, I think my approach to head shot sessions is very different. Prior to my 11 years as a portrait photographer, I worked for 10 years production managing & producing TV commercials with heavy involvement in casting.

With two of the directors that I worked with regularly, we always felt frustrated and uninspired by most of the actors images presented to us, we felt that for the most part the head shots were technically very poor, passive, frequently misleading and represented none of the personality of the individual artist.

Upon returning to photography, I decided to focus my sessions on getting a really strong 'portrait' of the sitter. This takes a little time, collaboration and thought (which is not to say that I spend hours shooting) but I like to work with the client and go that step further to get a great shot.

I steer clear of character led photography and endeavour to supply a strong portrait that doesn't just document the physical features of the sitter but which reaches out and connects to the viewer. This has proved hugely successful, two of the larger agents that I work for are thrilled with the results, commenting that 'clients with Ruth Crafer head shots are being called for more castings' I firmly believe that this is because my portraits have more integrity, honesty and represent a true collaboration between sitter and photographer.

My session fee is £650, you will end up with a web gallery of approx 200-250 images, a session generally takes approximately 90 minutes or until we are happy that we have got the shot (never longer than 2hrs). Included in the fee, I will hand process your favourite top 5 images, attending to any retouching where necessary, I will then send these high res files in both colour and black & white down the line for immediate use on Spotlight. All sessions take place at my studio in Highbury, North London.

I hope this answers many of your questions and those of your agent, if you have further questions, or you would like to pencil a session, please send an email for booking, rather than a phone call, as I am booked well in advance.